Outstanding customer interaction with our telephony solutions

As an insurance broker in a highly competitive marketplace, are you looking for ways to optimise your telephony system to improve your customer experience? Are you looking for a cost-effective solution that will provide you with the benefits traditionally associated with complex and expensive installations?

Then welcome to Blue Fire Communications - we specialise in telephony solutions that support between 1 and 30 telephone agents. Our impressive range of secure hosted data and telephony services can provide you with a flexible, resilient and scalable solution.

Contact us today and see for yourself the benefits our telephony solutions can bring to your business.

Our services include:


  0800 Freephone Numbers
  0844 Revenue Generating Numbers
  Virtual Geographic Numbers
  Call Recording
  Call Management Services
  Interactive Voice Response















Blue Fire Communications is the sister company to Open GI and PowerPlace,  so we understand the specific needs of insurance brokers. We have a pedigree of developing software and solutions for the insurance industry for over 30 years and we understand the drivers that are fundamental for your business.



BlueFire Communications



Our ethos is to provide you with a configured telephony and data solution that is second to none, offering you the following competitive advantages:


BlueFire CommunicationsHelping you to improve the conversion rates of inbound calls to your contact centre by minimising the number of engaged and missed telephone calls.


Blue Fire CommunicationsAllowing you to service more customers during busy periods by optimising the number of landlines available.


Blue Fire CommunicationsProviding you with resilient data and telephony solutions to minimise business interruptions and ensure business continuity.



Our business model and approach can offer you the following benefits:


BlueFire CommunicationsOur services work in conjunction with your existing infrastructure and hardware to reduce the total cost of ownership.


Blue Fire CommunicationsWe can provide you with comprehensive reports about the capacity and usage for your data and telephony, to help you formulate and implement an effective customer acquisition and retention strategy.


Blue Fire CommunicationsWe can provide you with comprehensive system features such as Call Recording, Missed Call Alert and Mid-Call Transfer.


Blue Fire CommunicationsYou will benefit from complete control and flexibility in how your telephone calls are managed through Blue Fire Communications.


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